Some information to travel by plane in the USA

Making a trip is like making a life, the journey is pleasant. But it's fun when you've prepared it well for a few days, or even months, before you travel, especially if it's a trip to a territory that's not the same as yours. This is the case in the United States. If you're a travel enthusiast and it's your first time flying to the United States, it's exciting. Here are some tips, some necessary principles and some language to help you travel by plane in the USA.

Necessary parts to provide

The passport

It is a pass. French citizens had to have a passport to enter an American territory. To keep any problems away, the passport must be valid. It must still be valid, even after your return, maybe 6 months later. The information must be accurate and up to date. Of course, it must not contain any erasures or damaged pages.

ESTA authorisation

To travel by plane in the USA, you need an ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) authorization. This is a mandatory form that must be filled out, and it is done online. At a minimum, the last time to fill out this form must be 72 hours before departure. However, it is best to do it while you are planning your trip to avoid stress before the trip. An email will be sent to you: your request granted with a note Authorisation Approved.

The visa

In order to get your visa, you must make an appointment with the US consultant, an American officer. But before this appointment, all you have to do is pay the necessary expenses for the officer to accept your application. In order to obtain it, you will have to go through a few procedures depending on your activity. The application is made by mail if you are a child or an elderly person. Some files

Plane ticket

A ticket is very important when travelling by plane. Agencies and airlines can help you with ticket reservations. There are also online booking agencies and you can visit them to get your plane tickets. While you are visiting the sites, make sure you enter the prices carefully so that you can compare them, as prices change according to the time of day. To prepare yourself further, set a destination and a fixed date two or three months in advance to avoid any kind of difficulty. When filling out your tickets, refer to your passport and ESTA information to avoid problems during boarding and entry into the USA. To travel by plane to the USA, your file must be completed with your plane ticket or a return ticket to justify the next exit from the American territory. For travellers, the American authorities require solvency such as a traveller's cheque or credit card or other similar justification as proof. It is recommended that you print out all your documents so that you can keep copies in case you forget. For example, to find out your ESTA application number or passport number.

Tips before travelling by plane

Your luggage

Your hand luggage must be compatible with the measurements requested (56 cm long, 45 wide and 25 high). The volume of liquid or cream products must not exceed 100 ml each and they must be packed in a plastic bag. It is possible that you may carry accessories such as a laptop, helmet, camera or fragile things in a handbag. Your hold luggage is 157 or 158 cm and the maximum weight is 23 kg. If your luggage exceeds the indications, you will be asked to pay an additional fee. Your luggage must include your name, address, destination, contact details, email address.

Transport in the USA

Knowing your car rental to travel by plane in the USA is ideal, because it's too late if you only think about it once you get there. It is better to take out transport insurance in advance to cover all your travel needs. Car rental in the USA requires a credit card and an international permit. The latter will save you the trouble of the police. An atlas or a collection of geographical maps can help you during your travels; find gas stations, favourable places, supermarkets. It is advantageous compared to a GPS or other applications via the Internet, because it can be used without a connection.

Language elements

To make your stay in the United States fun, even if you're not good at English, here are some recent vocabularies to remember for asking, questioning and even answering. The most important ones are greetings : Hello = hello or good morning Goodbye = good bye Thank you = thank you I am = I am Where is ... = where is ... Help = help me

At the hotel: Room

Book a room = to book a room Free rooms = vacancies Arrival = check in Exit = check out A single room = a single room One double room with double bed = a double room Shuttle service from the hotel to the airport = shuttle service wifi access = wifi access


For public transport: a bus = a bus The London Underground = the tube A taxi = a taxi / a cab A bus stop = a bus stop A ticket = a ticket The driver = the driver Le guichet = the booking office


In a restaurant and to avoid unexpected food : A restaurant = a restaurant Eating = to eat One dish = a dish La carte = the menu Cake = cake Cheese = cheese Snack = snack You can download dictionary applications to your smartphone. There are many dictionaries that do not require you to be logged in to access them. This can be useful during your stay, or even your trip to the USA.
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