Advice on the IELTS test system

Published on : 23 October 20204 min reading time

The International English Language Testing System or IELTS exists to validate your level of English and to help you achieve a good career in English-speaking companionship. Wall Street English offers preparation courses to put all the assets and advantages to work for you. The teams will provide you with tips to help you face the various tests in the best possible conditions. It will also be possible for you to pose problems to your teachers. Here are some tips when in doubt about which IELTS test to choose.

How do I get points for listening?

Compared to listening tests, IELTS offers tests to help you prove that you are at the same level of understanding as people who speak and express themselves in English. In order to do better, train your ears by listening to recordings and dialogues in English in the weeks before the exam. During the exam, pay close attention to the instructions. Then write your answers on the tape as it unwinds. Listening is a one-time event and you may only listen once. Move on to the next question if you encounter constraints and problems so as not to waste too much time. You can come back to it in the last ten minutes remaining. This is always better and more advisable than handing in a copy with blanks.

How does a reading test work?

As far as the reading test is concerned, do not hesitate to read the texts, the instructions, the question titles and the problem. The correct answer is to be found in the 3 texts you will be given. In case of doubt, eliminate by elimination, especially for the multiple choice questions. In IELTS tests, as the level of the test is increasing, allow 15 minutes of your work for the first text, 20 minutes for the second text and 25 minutes for the third. Then skip a question with constraints so that it does not delay you, especially if you are unsure of the answers to be given. At the end, you can resume the questions more calmly later. The reading test should focus on reading text. This enables you to understand the text in general and must be done by reading the various texts proposed.

The management of the “writing” test

Concerning the “writing” test, the management of this test consists of 2 texts in one hour. In general, IELTS tests give a semantic field to prove that you have vocabulary and terms in English. In addition, answer the questions asked and given and avoid having your answers off-topic. In practice, it is this test that is used to assess candidates’ writing ability. It is at this stage that candidates must demonstrate their levels in the management of the tests. This stage consists of writing two texts at the same time. This is the longest phase given the writing ability required by the tests. The “writing” system must include several texts before the tests. This examination is the obligatory passage of all the tests. It tests the writing level of each candidate. This makes it possible to give the required levels in order to make up for the other tests. A candidate may be able to speak well, but it is the writing that blocks. The “writing” level is a very important level, because it gives the basic level of the candidates. It gives the writing skills of each person who has passed this training. The training gives access to level tests. Which each candidate must take before the final exam.

The stress-free “speaking” test?

The speaking test is probably the most stressful and difficult test in IELTS. As you are required to face a jury for 15 minutes. In order to have good intonation, English speaking must be done exclusively for one week prior to the test. During the course of your passage, do not hesitate to articulate well so that your test is clear. Make sure that these tests remain the basis of all tests. This is part of all the tests of the exam. As far as the “speaking” test is concerned, it must include the most critical situation of all the tests, as this is the very basis of the course. The English expression is strictly based on practice. The more one has the ability to speak, the better the language is mastered. When the stress is removed during the examination tests, it is possible to say that the examination has been passed.

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