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Published on : 23 October 20205 min reading time

Continuing your studies abroad is a great opportunity to accumulate your schooling and to discover and live famous experiences. Most French students dream of moving to other territories to pick up other educational systems and acquire their future career. American universities are the most tried and tested in the world. Public or private, universities in the USA are expensive, how to finance one’s studies abroad and which are the prestigious American universities for foreign students?

How do I apply to universities in the United States?

To begin with, applications for the United States must be arranged rather, 12 months before the academic year begins. If the applications are followed by a financial application, it is necessary to organise them before the first of January.
In the United States, universities are profitable either public or private. So foreign students who want to enrol must pay an entrance fee of between US$2496 and $41,275 each year.
Each university is different and has its own requirements for admission. For more information, please visit their website to find out if taking a test is compulsory, for example, what degrees and branches exist.
You will also need a student visa to complete your registration. Obtaining this visa is essential when the student wants to complete their academic year and return to France afterwards. Before obtaining this visa, an interview with a US embassy must be done to explain your project for about 15 minutes.

Financing your studies

The price of university studies in the United States is higher. Foreign students who do not have a family that can help them with their studies must necessarily find a refund. This can be a scholarship. This funding is expensive for foreign students to access. French organisations such as the regional council can help you in this case.
Having a small job at your university is a good solution to finance your studies. For example, helping to restore or look after the library, managing websites or even giving lectures to students below you.
Banks offer students a loan. This loan allows the student to finance their studies and once they have completed their studies, they have to repay their loan. Lending is a contract, so it is best to examine your capacities as a debtor before committing yourself.

The most prestigious American universities

The ARWU (Academic Ranking of World Universities) is responsible for the rankings of the best universities each year. They are ranked by the number of Nobel Prize winners, number of Fields medals, most cited researchers…
In the latest verdict of the ranking, it is the University of Havard which is still on the first rank of the most prestigious. Since the year 2010, Havard has held first place, not only in the United States, but also internationally. It is also the university with the largest surface area. Its establishment has subjects such as engineering, design, arts, medicine, business, law, education and public health.
Stanford University is in second place among American universities for foreign students and also in the world. More than 8,000 students enrol each year. The subjects earth sciences, engineering, medicine, law, education and business management are present.
The MIT or Massachusetts Institute of Technology ranks third among the prestigious ones. Now it has 78 Nobel Prize winners. Its subjects are mathematics, technology, engineering, architecture, social sciences and business management.
Fourth place is occupied by the University of California, Berkelev. It has 14 faculties and more. Its Nobel Prize winners number 70.
Princeton University is ranked fifth in the ranking of prestigious American universities. In 2008, it had 65 Nobel Prize winners. Half a dozen are awarded honorary doctorates each year.
Sixth is CALTECH (California Institute of Technology) and the others are consecutive: Columbia University, University of Chicago, Yale University and the last ranking is UCLA [University of California, Los Angeles].

How to get into a prestigious university

Curious and passionate students are sought after by universities. The most important thing is to study well and get a good mark. However, extra-curricular activities can make you look fundamental. So make sure that you fit the look of several activities they need. Extracurricular activities such as your favourite sport, volunteer holiday, musical instrument that you play well.
Unlike universities in France, American universities require almost a dozen criteria before applying and they make a selection. And each of these universities chooses which criteria are applied in their establishment. To find out, take a look at their website to find out their admission requirements; if they require a particular test or exam.
The most important thing is the level of your English. In general, you will need a Test of English as a Foreign Language [TOEFL] to enter an American university. The test is taken in your home country.
Once you have completed all the steps – student visa, application form, paperwork, etc. – it is time to send in your application.

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