New York: a city famous for your language stay

Nothing beats travelling to New York while studying English. Without a doubt, everyone dreams of having such a chance. Nowadays, this can become a reality thanks to private or community language stays.

What is meant by a language course?

A language trip usually refers to educational expeditions specifically dedicated to learning a language abroad. In most cases, this type of trip is characterised by language lessons and a project of leisure activities and discoveries. It should also be noted that these so-called language trips have a number of purposes, such as school enrichment and educational exchanges. They can be on a personal basis or in a community. Not only are language stays highly valued by young people, but they also fascinate adults in order to accommodate other linguistic and cultural aspects. Sometimes, some companies adopt this method in order to maximise the skills of their staff. New York, the emblematic city of language holidays: why? You may find that daily classes are not enough to learn the English language. In fact, practice also plays a crucial role in this type of learning. There is nothing better way to do this than to spend a language holiday in New York. The United States is indeed full of destinations for learning English, but a language stay in New York remains the most attractive.

New York: a multicultural and touristy city

Statistics show that New York City receives around 40 million visitors every year. The Big Apple is therefore a cultural and tourist destination in which you can easily learn English while making rewarding encounters.

New York: a haven for historical and cultural sites

There is nothing like the most visited places to practise a language. Of course, a language trip to New York is synonymous with a visit to emblematic places such as Central Park, Ellis Island with its museum of immigrants and the inescapable Statue of Liberty. You are sure to find American speakers and tourists from all over the world who will be there to help you practice your language skills.

New York: a city of museums

The Metropolitan Museum of Art offers you visits of all colours and tastes. It takes you through these collections to ancient Egypt and then lets you marvel at the beauty of ancient Greece. Without forgetting the medieval arts such as the French impressionist paintings. Otherwise, here is a list of must-see museums to visit during your language study stay in New York: The American Museum Of Natural History, the MOMA (Museum of Modern ART), the Guggenheim Museum and the September 11 Memorial and Museum. What are the different classical language courses you can spend in New York? Certainly, there is a wide range of choices when it comes to language studies in New York. So, all you have to do is choose the one that meets your expectations. Short-term courses: Generally, this type of course does not require a course to be held during the holidays. Usually, the learners concerned are schoolchildren and college students. As the name suggests, the duration is short, ranging from 1 to 4 weeks. Long-term language stay: Obviously, a long-term language stay can last up to 12 months. In the most common case, it includes an apprenticeship with a New York school and a host family. For safety reasons, the New York language course must be reserved for high school students and adults.

Special language courses in New York

Immersion stay: As far as the immersion stay is concerned, you and your children can do it at any time. Unlike the others, the immersion stay allows you to immerse yourself completely in the routine life of your host family without having to take classes. Intensive language stays: In general, the intensive nature of this type of stay places it among the courses reserved for university students. In fact, the choice of an intensive language course requires great motivation and perfect maturity. Au Pair language courses: This type of course has become very common and attracts young people who like to work and study for language purposes. How does it work? The course consists of working with a host family while learning the English language through weekly studies. Language stay organised by language schools: In this category, some public schools offer a learning programme during the language stay in New York. There are two cases: either the establishment has branches in New York or it offers collaboration with its New York counterparts.
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