Language holidays and discovery: the west coast of the United States and its national parks

Published on : 23 October 20205 min reading time

A stay can be a discovery, an adventure or an apprenticeship at the same time. Travelling allows you to discover cultures and languages. If you want to learn more about the different tribes, a language trip to the west coast of the USA is a great opportunity. You will benefit from studying expressions and visiting national parks.

The linguistic assets and richness of the west coast of the United States

Knowing the country, the United States includes several languages in addition to the universal. Having several territories, we always notice a divergence of expressions. This is an opportunity for learning during the journey. Because in addition to discovering the thousand facets of the United States, you also discover the history of each region. Nature sculpts prestigious scenery in the western part of the United States and at the same time you can experience a great adventure.
In addition, a language trip is a way to learn new languages and discover the sculptures of nature. You will find these assets in the western part of the USA, with legendary riches and parks. Accessible to all, the West Coast USA language trip allows students or professionals to broaden their knowledge and skills.

National parks to visit on the West Coast of the USA

When selecting your destinations for a language trip, opt for areas with global wealth. In particular, the western side of the USA has a strong potential for knowledge and expeditions. Several national parks also open their doors to young tourists wishing to learn more.
The splendid creation of Mother Nature, which has been named the world’s first national park. With hot springs and geysers, “Grand Prismatic” represents the world’s largest geothermal power plant. You can’t miss it if your stay includes a trip to Wyoming.
Yosemite, a region dedicated to admiring the fauna and flora of the American continent. The park is located between the mountains with an expanse of forests and wildlife. If you are passing through San Francisco and California for dialect studies, visit Yosemite Park and its giant redwood forests.
Death Valley, a language program in California and Nevada, offers a perfect view of the largest park in the USA. During the discovery, be prepared to put on light clothing, as the temperature can reach up to 50°C. Sand dunes, canyons and salt seas surround this western part of the USA with an impressive view.
The Sequoia Park, which is located near Los Angeles, is a popular spot for tourists. Having a great wealth, Sequoia is home to the oldest vegetation in the world. Even forests of thousands of years old trees with the largest trees ever seen in the world.
Grand Canyon, the must see site of the US West Coast language holiday. Listed among the UNESCO protected areas, the mythical park presents a spectacular and unique geological phenomenon. Being a home of great biodiversity, several programmes can take you on a tour.
Monument Valley is one of the natural sites located in the west of the United States. The rocky peaks give free rein to a western landscape, ideal for exploration trips. The Navajo Indian peoples still settle here. Along the way, you will enjoy visual entertainment, in addition to the knowledge of western languages.
Bryce Canyon is a better place for ecological studies. The park consists of a limestone plateau carved by erosion, forming several fairy chimneys. By the splendid work of nature, Bryce Canyon contains rock columns varying from yellow, orange and red. These columns can be used to form a magnificent sunset.

How do I plan a language trip to the West of the USA?

Due to the peculiarity of the country, the USA always limits visitors. It is therefore quite difficult to go there simply for simple stays. You need special passports such as language study. This way, you benefit from knowledge and discoveries of the world-famous lands.
To enjoy a beautiful language holiday on the west coast of the USA, find out about all the offers available. Several organisations and travel agencies are currently organising an opportunity for young students. You can also do this on the Internet. Visit all the pages that offer similar offers.
How to choose your destination for a language trip
In order to fully appreciate your stay and your adventure, choose the countries with the greatest wealth. You can enjoy the icy Canadian air for example, but the atmosphere will be less warm. If you want a breathtaking adventure, choose the western side of the United States. It offers a multitude of expressive learning opportunities and a comfortable temperature to enjoy the sun.
San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles are home to the largest national parks in the United States. Being multicultural cities, you will discover cultures, customs and above all lost cities. Whether you are a student, tourist or professional, the American West is one of the most chosen addresses for an enriching trip.

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