Would you like to study abroad?

Studying in a foreign country is a unique opportunity, not only to master a language, but also to discover the local culture.

What are you studying for?

Criteria for choosing your course of study


Which university to choose?

Find out some tips on how to choose the university that suits your needs and future plans.


How do I get into a school?

Here are all the requirements for entering a good school, with all the necessary steps and preparations.

centro de entrenamiento

Training centre, which one?

Depending on your professional reorientation, here are some tips for choosing a suitable training centre.

Foreign languages: passing your language test!

Language tests allow you to objectively check your language skills. They are compulsory before leaving to study abroad. To pass your test, consider taking online courses to prepare yourself well. These courses allow you to revise wherever you are, according to your availability.

iPase el examen de idiomas
Estancia linguistica

Language study abroad: how to prepare for it?

An international language trip is an enriching and unforgettable experience. To prepare yourself well, you need to practise well by taking online courses. This will enable you to communicate better with the locals. You should also think about planning your trip down to the last detail to avoid any inconveniences.

English, a universal language!

Mastering the English language!

English remains today the universal language in almost every field, whether commercial or tourist. It is the most widely used language in the world, even outside the borders of English-speaking countries. To prove your command of English, take the following tests. They have the advantage of being internationally recognised.


The world reference, the TOEIC


The IELTS Diploma


TOEFL, an English proficiency test

Student life, much more than you might imagine!

The complexities of student life

Vida estudiantil

Being a student is not just about taking courses, it is also about organising yourself to succeed in your studies, while at the same time fulfilling yourself.

It’s about juggling schedules, saving money to live better, while adapting to a new way of life. Depending on the campus chosen, assistance and facilities may be available, such as support from seniors or social counsellors.

Tips for studying in America

Studying in the United States: the good plans!

Studying abroad, especially in the United States, is an opportunity to be seized. Even though life can be expensive and daily life complicated, a study abroad can significantly improve one’s professional future. That’s why you need to find good plans. Each university offers a package of grants that some international students may be eligible for. Student associations also offer advice on how to make contacts and tips on how to make the most of your stay.

Estudiar por correspondencia

Studying by correspondence

Preparing for your exams or obtaining your diplomas by correspondence is possible.


E-learning: studying online

It allows you to learn at your own pace and to follow a complete course at a distance.

Which option to choose?

Travelling or studying at a distance?

It is now possible to pursue your studies at a distance, partially or totally, in several fields of study. These courses allow you to study while combining a family life or a professional activity. But if you have no ties, a trip abroad is more than advisable. It is a unique opportunity to discover the world while continuing to study.

estudiar a distancia

Which studies for which profession?

The best destinations for studying

Top 3 of the best countries where you like to study!

Estados Unidos

United States - Colombia

Studying in the United States is one of the most popular choices for students. Several courses are available.


France - Paris

In addition to its unique culture and culinary reputation, France also offers internationally renowned courses.


Spain - Madrid

Spain is also very popular because of its exoticism and its original and authentic educational routes.